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Mail to Outlook Converter for Mac OS X

Converting email from one format to another isn’t a great experience. The data involved, all the risk and the constant fear of something going wrong looms large over the conversion process. You need to be very careful with every step you take in the conversion process.

There is a constant need to import Mac Mail to Outlook as this is the best way of transferring data from your one email account to another. The conversion needs to be carried out with sophisticated algorithms and the internal structure of the data needs to be converted in order to retain the data.

This is a complex process and cannot be done without a Mail to Outlook Converter.

The help you need for your conversion process: Mail to Outlook Converter

Mail to Outlook converters are a solution that solves most of your conversion problems that you had with your previous conversion methods. These tools are stacked with the latest features that help you in handling the data with care, precision and sophistication.

But not every Mail to Outlook Converter has what it takes to carry forward your conversion process.

Thus, you need to make the tough call of choosing the Mail to Outlook Converter for your conversion process.

Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software makes this decision easier for you. The tool is the most recommended Mail to Outlook Converter by both professional as well as casual users. It provides you with the best in class features that help you carry out the conversion process quickly and still produce your desired result, error free conversion.


Simple, easy to follow and powerful to use

Mail Extractor Pro is one of the most intelligently designed Mail to Outlook converter out there. It has the perfect balance of everything that you need. This balance helps it in surpassing the rest of competition with ease.

One of the areas, where the tool has left the competition behind is user experience. The biggest problems with ordinary Mail to Outlook converters has been the ease of usage. Most Mail to Outlook Converter out there provide you with an overcrowded interface.

In order to show everything that the tool has to offer, they sometimes overcomplicate things and make it harder for the user to figure out what the next step will be.

Mail Extractor Pro solves this problem. The tool provides you with an interface that only shows what is necessary to get the conversion process done. The tool provides you with a graphical wizard that guides you through the entire conversion process ensuring that you never get lost.

Retain everything as it is with this Mail to Outlook Converter

Another area where Mail Extractor Pro outclasses its competition is precision. Where most converter tools fail to retain the converted data, this Mail to Outlook converter even retains the folder hierarchy of the input file.

The folder structure of the input file doesn’t gets messed up during the conversion process and everything is exactly where it was in the original file. This makes your post conversion life easier.

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