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Apple mail to Thunderbird migration tool

Take a confident step towards exporting Apple mail to Thunderbird with the support of Mail Extractor Max.

Are you being extra cautious in choosing the email migration tool for migrating Apple mail to Thunderbird? You are doing it right and fortunately you have landed on the correct destination with this article. Mail Extractor Max is the best email converter. And selecting this Apple mail to Thunderbird converter tool as your support system for the email transfer needs is the rightful thing to do.

Being choosy doesn’t reflect insaneness but smartness on a user’s personality. Data in our emails is quite kaleidoscopic and ranges from personal pictures to personal letters, birthdays & doctor’s appointments on calendars to their numbers on the contact list, job related information to banking details, and many more like these. Such crucial data cannot be exposed to the perils of the internet and hence the justified vigilance.

With Mail Extractor Max we can certainly be much more relaxed in terms of security. This Apple mail to Thunderbird migration tool has been created carefully so as to keep it 100% bug-free. This aspect further assures the safety of the content uploaded onto it. Neither can the external viruses cause any damage to the data, nor does the internal working of this tool have any detrimental effect on it. The data remains protected under the shield of this brawny tool.

Mail Extractor Max-A safe and steady Apple mail to Thunderbird migration tool

To enjoy a hassle-free experience, we need the backing of a strong tool and Mail Extractor Max promises exactly that. This tool will give you an enjoyable and harmonious conversion experience. After being secured on the safety front, you can explore this tool further. The next step will take you to the world of delight where you would experience unique features of this Apple mail to Thunderbird migration tool.


To begin with, it shares with its users an extremely user-friendly interface which makes the transition within the tool extremely comfortable. If we walk about the conversion process of this Apple mail to Thunderbird migration tool, it is simplified and has minimum involvement of the user. A beginner or an expert will virtually need no support to complete the process. If however, there is any confusion, a 24*7 customer care is extended to cover that gap.

Further, this tool is capable of recreating the non-English texts in the new format as well. In technical terms, this tool has the algorithms required to extract the Unicode for languages that make use of double byte characters like Chinese, Korean, etc. 

Next, Mail Extractor Max is the only Apple mail to Thunderbird migration tool that manages to provide 100% conversion results. There is absolutely no loss of data during the conversion process. The contacts, calendars, attachments, signatures, read/unread status, etc will be found in the exact same state in the converted files as well.


To sum it up, the converted files obtained using this Apple mail to Thunderbird migration tool are an exact replication of the original content-a feature that can be found nowhere else and thereby this tool is the perfect choice as an Apple mail to Thunderbird migration tool.