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Learn more about export of OST to PST with these FAQs!

Export of OST to PST is a common task that is taken up by the users of Outlook products. If you too are a user of Outlook, then learning a few more basic things about your email files will certainly prove beneficial for you. This list of FAQs is designed around a common email conversion that is taken up frequently by many users- export of OST to PST. The questions would also include certain answers pertaining to the best converter tool for the job- OST Extractor Pro!

Q. Why do users look forward to exporting OST to PST?

A. OST files are basically the files that get created in the offline mode. These are quite useful as modifications can be made in these even without the internet and as soon as the connection resumes, these files automatically get synced with the Exchange servers. However, many a times, these files get corrupted due to reasons such as crash of Exchange servers, auto-sync issues, and much more. In such situations, the OST files become inaccessible and thereby the users get stranded without any access to emails, contacts, journals, etc.

Exporting OST to PST can ensure availability of content round the clock. In addition, the chances of losing out on the files can be eliminated too. This is why most of the users prefer backing up their data files in the PST format.


Q. What makes exporting OST to PST easy on the user?

A. Since there is no direct method of exporting OST to PST, the easiest and the quickest way is to get help of a third party converter tool. The tool can take control of the job and without much involvement of the user, it can provide splendid results too. However, all of this remains conditional to the availability of an effective conversion tool. This is where OST Extractor Pro comes into picture.

OST Extractor Pro is one of the leading software that is simply the best for exporting OST to PST. It drastically reduces the effort of the user that goes into accomplishing the job and yet provides par excellence results without any botherations to the user. And the quality of the output definitely is much more refined and superior that what other tools are able to produce. Hence, it is the only tool that makes the job easy on the end user.

Q. Is it safe to export OST to PST?

A. The answer to the questions is YES. When OST Extractor Pro is the tool chosen for the job, the safety of the data becomes an established factor. Moreover,The Microsoft OST to PST converter can also help the users in covering the risk of losing out on the content such as contacts, calendars, journals, etc. Once a backup gets created in the form of PST files, the loss of OST files doesn’t make much difference to the user. It is thereby suggested to make use of reliable applications so as to avoid causing any unintended harm to the data files.