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Export mail to Outlook for Windows and Mac

It is very difficult to build the trust that Mail Extractor Pro has gained in a very short time.

No matter how much effort a company might put in to build any software but until users find it useful and benefiting, the effort has gone completely waste. And to impress the users it requires highly advanced software in the present technological century. So, new features have to be installed in each new tool to gain the attention of customers. Where it is difficult to design even a single feature the USL Company has once again proved why it is the best among all other companies.

Export Mail to Outlook Mac / Win

This company has built a new converter to export mail to Outlook and the tool has been named as Mail Extractor Pro. Now here is the interesting fact regarding this tool. You will find a whole new set of innumerable new features which is meant for the sole purpose of simplifying the email migration journey from Apple Mail, Thunderbird to PST for  Windows Outlook. This software is 21st century solution to file conversion which earlier was very complicated to perform without adequate technical knowledge. With this software conversion errors can be finally waved good bye and exporting mails to Outlook app has been made way easier.


This new third party tool allows you to have wide range of input data and each such format shall be efficiently converted to PST format. So now every time you worry regarding the export of mails to Outlook email client, this tool shall be to your rescue each and every time for your whole lifetime. In other words this software shall be available to you for the entire lifetime while exporting mails to Outlook email app.

No extra amount has been paid by this tool owner for such high recommendation.

It is really surprising as to how within a short time this mbox converter tool for in the good books of almost every expert in the conversion sector. Due to this, the software has gained a wide range recommendation all over the globe. This tool being used in several foreign countries to export mails to Outlook app as well has an important reason. Earlier converter software could handle only ASCII characters or the English alphabet characters and other foreign language characters such as those of Chinese, German, Japanese, etc were left behind due to lack in the algorithm to handle such data.

But in this tool, the algorithm will accept and handle multiple Unicode and double byte characters thus enabling you to export mails to Windows Outlook irrespective of the language of your data. This has gained fame for this software in several nations. With such brand new and exclusive features available while exporting mails to Outlook app, none could stop this software from becoming a favorite choice for many users. 

Users were further impressed when they even found their former data hierarchy intact even after the conversion. Many more such features have paved out a golden path for you to easily export mails to Outlook email service provider.