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The Super Simple EML to PST Converter Tool for Mac

Users need to be aware about the fake tools available in the market. These tools are nothing but honey traps offering enticing deals to attract users to user their incompetent EML to PST converter tool. Apart from not delivering the desired results, these tools even compromise data of users. Users can protect themselves from such tools by going through the reviews given to these tools. They can also try the trial version which usually such tools do not provide. After performing these two tasks users will have clarity about the EML to PST converter tool to be used.

In order to save the time and effort of users, the name tool which will certainly emerge as a clear winner amongst all has been disclosed. It is called Mail Extractor Pro by USL software. This tool ensures to convert Email at a lightning fast speed while ensures the safety and security of data base. This is a bug free tool, thus the chances of encountering error during conversion becomes zero.

Let us look at the multiple features of this tool

  1. Convert emails of multiple formats through this tool

Through this EML to PST converter tool you can convert emails of multiple formats. Like Postbox, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, EML and MBOX to PST.

  1. Converts all email items properly

Emails contain a lot of important information that is of great importance to users. Such as metadata, headers, embedded graphical objects, email attachments etc. This EML to PST converter ensures to convert it all while maintaining the integrity of the same.

  1. Preserve the folder hierarchy

This EML to PST converter tool keeps the folder hierarchy of data same as original even after conversion. It does not distort the structure of the data base and keeps it intact.

  1. Retains the non-English content of data

This is a special feature of this EML to PST converter tool that it preserves the Non-English content of data base. Only the format of the non-English content is changed while retaining the uniqueness of the same.

  1. Converts Email files at a lightning fast speed

With this EML to PST converter tool, you would be able to convert Email files from various formats to PST at a lightning fast speed. During the process of conversion, this tool maintains precision and ensures that every file is converted safely.

Get this tool to convert EML to PST for free

Yes you read it right! This is your chance to change the way of converting EML to PST for free. Don’t let this opportunity go away. All you have to do is install the trial version of this tool by clicking on the link given below. Then test how powerful this tool this. Check, how speedily and precisely it accomplishes each and every task. Once you are satisfied by its performance you can also upgrade to the full version of this tool at very reasonable prices.