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MBOX to PST migration (An obvious solution to every struggle)

mbox to pst migration

There are several complications in MBOX to PST migration not only for beginners but also for those who do it regularly. The process is complicated to say the least, which is the reason why people have begun to rely on third-party MBOX to PST converters. But even those are not free of possibility of damage, if you use a shortcut or a freeware then there is a high possibility that your data might get damaged or converted only halfway.

 MBOX to PST Migration Tool

Let the marvellous features of this software dazzle you

Using Mail Extractor Pro is a guaranteed way of converting your data without having to put your data in the way of damage. Not only is it an antidote to struggles with regards to data safety, it also provides you a platform to easily convert your data in spite of the complexity of files. You must use it if you are absolutely new to the process. The interface will guide you throughout to the conversion process, so you will always have a reliable path on which to tread.

mbox to pst migration tool

Interface that guides you efficiently

The interface of this software is undoubtedly quite user-friendly. It provides guidance to the users on how to convert data from the beginning of the process to the end. The guidelines provided are accurate and to the point. There are no unnecessary hassles involved and it is quite easy to follow on the instructions provided. That saves a lot of the users’ time in MBOX to PST conversion on Microsoft.

Another factor that saves the users’ time is the auto-selection facility. All the files in the database are selected at once, so you do not have to do that manually. Also, since the conversion process is carried in the mac itself, you save your time from having to carry a lot of formalities. In addition, you can convert your data in bulk. In a single batch you can convert multiple files and save your time eventually.

Safety to all kinds of data, including double-byte characters

By using this software you would be able to convert all kinds of data, irrespective of the language in which your files are. Some languages use double-byte characters- Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. This software is capable of keeping files in those languages as intact as they came. This feature is quite useful on its own in addition to people who communicate with clients abroad.

Bug-free software for extra safety

This software is free of bugs and all sorts of malware. You do not have to worry about any of your data being damaged in the process of conversion. Files like attachments, nested messages etc. are provided extra security. Small details of mails like cc, bcc, read/unread status of the mails are kept secure till the end. The hierarchy of the files is also kept intact till the conversion is complete. You do not have to deal with mess like users of an ordinary software would have to during MBOX to PST migration.