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MBOX to PST Converter OS X With All The Essentials You Can Get Your Hands on Today!

Fastest MBOX to PST Converter OS X you can get your hands on. The tool that does not compromise functionality with usability or performance.

MBOX to PST Converter Tool

Most MBOX to PST converters are Windows-based. If you are looking for tools for OS X platform, you are at the right place. The tool discussed below takes you through each step in your conversion journey and does a phenomenal job of clean data migration.
You can start by free trial version of "Mail Extractor Pro" before reading further. It is the best way to find out how it works for you. But if you are not ready yet, you can read about it below.

Also, before we begin, there is one crucial thing to discuss.

MBOX to PST Converter for OS X (Macintosh)

"Mail Extractor Pro" (MEP) is not just MBOX to PST converter for OS X. It is a complete utility to migrate data from many Mac-based sources, which includes, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, and Postbox. So, if your main goal is to convert Mac Mail to PST, you can try the direct approach - converting straight from Mac Mail profile database. Skip the whole MBOX/EMLX files conversion that is now obsolete and inefficient.


MBOX to PST Converter for Mac

But if you need to convert MBOX files, continue reading.

The way "Mail Extractor Pro" works is by using the sohisticated algorithms it embodies and extracts the contents in a spotless manner, leaving no gaps and lapses in your data. The mechanism that works here is the precise set of scripts and logics that works with the information methodically.

Generic and Windows-based converters can often be clumsy and not deal with contents like headers, Unicode text, graphics, and attachments correctly.

Next feature that USL Software, the company that developed the tool, likes to gloat is the speed.

The time spent in converting MBOX to PST conversion is the most important factor for many users. Yet, it is often only the background concern, because even the basic goal of accuracy and protecting data fidelity is not met. But with MEP, you can expect to go through with your huge MBOX file (or files) in a matter of minute.

The adaptive framework improves the data-rate substantially. Without skipping any steps in scanning and extraction, the tool still manages to work with accelerated step.

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The combination you get with MEP (speed, accuracy, and ease of use) is unprecedented.

That is why most IT experts with the resources to go with the custom-built solutions also prefer Mail Extractor Pro unequivocally. They get the power of cutting-edge data extraction mechanism, friendly interface, and gets the job done quickly.

Lastly, there are certain benefits that USL Software, as a company, offers with all of their products.

  • Tech support that is online all the time, via chat or email. They also offer teamviewer support
  • It is always free to upgrade the tool after the activation.
  • Various pricing/licenses for varying needs. They cater to both individuals and large companies.

MBOX to PST Converter for Mac OS X

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Get your hands on the free trial copy of "Mail Extractor Pro" before the full version and get to see the features in action. It only converts ten items from each folder inside MBOX files but you will find it to be perfect for the purpose of evaluating its worth to you.