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Thunderbird to PST Conversion - The smart choice to carry out!

Your phone to your television all are becoming smart. Then why should your conversion tools be left out. The new generation Thunderbird to PST Converters give you that smart choice to carry out your Thunderbird to PST conversion.

 Mail Extractor Pro: The way to go

Out of the ever-growing population of new generation third-party Thunderbird to PST Converter it becomes a bit harder to choose the correct Thunderbird to PST Converter for your conversion process.


The common features that you want your Thunderbird to PST Converter to possess are accuracy, speed and security. And USL Software offers you a Thunderbird to PST Converter that offers you all these and a bit more. Mail Extractor Pro is the Thunderbird to PST Converter to go for.

Quick as lightning

If your Thunderbird to PST Conversion is quick, then it gives you a lot of free time that you can invest somewhere else. You don’t need to sit in front of your machine and wait for the conversion process. It just doesn’t make sense.

Mail Extractor Pro takes it into consideration. The developers worked on this Thunderbird to PST Converter and made it one of the fastest tool out there.

The tool offers the ability to bulk convert your files that cuts down on the time wasted in the conversion process.

This doesn’t compromise with the quality of conversion process and just cuts down on the time wasted in going through the files one by one.

The most accurate Thunderbird to PST Converter out in the market

Accuracy is another parameter that sets a Thunderbird to PST Converter apart from the crowd and makes your Thunderbird to PST Conversion efficient. Mail Extractor Pro excels at this parameter.

There is no other Thunderbird to PST Converter in the market that provides you with a better accuracy than Mail Extractor Pro. The accuracy of the tool enables it to convert everything present in your input file without leaving anything behind.

It solves the problem of data being left behind or unconverted. The tool converts everything present in your input file down to the last bit giving you a complete converter process.  

The tool even retains the folder hierarchy of the input file making the output file an exact replica of the input file. This makes your post conversion processes easier.

Interface that helps you out

Most Thunderbird to PST Converters have an interface that may seem intimidating to you, especially if you are starting out with the conversion process.

Mail Extractor Pro goes out of the way to provide you with an interface that is simple and informative. The interface of this Thunderbird / MBOX to PST Converter provides you with informative wizards and dialog boxes that guide you through the entire conversion process.

This makes everything very easy for you, especially if you are a newbie.

Get all this for free

Download the free trial version of the tool to experience all this and a lot more. And you can convert Thunderbird, Postbox, Mac Mail and MBOX to PST for Outlook..