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Converting MBOX to PST Made Easier 'Mail Extractor Pro'

Converting your MBOX to PST was never easier; try this tool from USL Software: Mail Extractor Pro.

Conversion of your MBOX to PST is necessary and important. And to do this efficiently you need professional help. Third-party converter tools are the help that you need. USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro is “the” converter tool to go for.

Why Mail Extractor Pro is the best choice?

There are hundreds of choices out in the market. So, what sets Mail Extractor Pro apart? Well, for starters the tool is one of the new generation converter tools that has all the exclusive and advanced features that help you through the MBOX to PST Conversion process efficiently.


Choose the format you want to convert

Having a MBOX to PST converter restricts you to converting just MBOX to PST. Mail Extractor Pro takes that into consideration.

The tool offers you the option to select the format of your input file from a wide range of formats. This Mail Extractor Pro not only converts your MBOX to PST, but also your Thunderbird, Postbox etc. also to PST.

This gives you flexibility and control over your MBOX to PST Conversion process. You can easily manipulate the format for conversions or sway between different formats. Maintaining more than one accounts simultaneously becomes that much easier for you.

So, no more searching the depths of internet for finding a new converter every time you want to convert something other than MBOX to PST. One tool to do it all.

Security of your data is of utmost importance; Mail Extractor Pro provides the best.

Handling your data into the hands of a third-party converter tool is surely a scary thought. Mail Extractor Pro takes care of your data like its own.

The tool implies advance approaches like conversion of Unicode data to make sure there is no problem while you convert your MBOX to PST.

Unicode is the encoding scheme of your non-English data present in your input file. Most of the data exchanged through emails is primarily textual. So, most of the converter tools are equipped to convert it when you convert your MBOX to PST.

But non-textual data or the Unicode data becomes a hurdle for most converter tools. They fail to convert the Unicode content thus resulting in an unsafe and incomplete MBOX to PST Conversion.

Mail Extractor Pro converts all the Unicode data present in your input file providing you a safe and complete conversion process.

They say the first impression is the last impression and Mail Extractor Pro makes it a one to remember

Interfaces is the first thing that you see in a software. Most of the converter tools that you use to convert your MBOX to PST have a very crowded interface that may look scary especially if you are a beginner.

Mail Extractor Pro has one of the most intelligently designed interface for a MBOX to PST converter tool. The interface hides all the unnecessary complexities and technicalities of the conversion tool and only shows what is important.

Plus, it offers informative wizards and dialog boxes that guide you through each MBOX to PST Conversion step to make the whole process more pleasant and easier.

Download the free trial today!

Download the free trial of the tool today at and try out all these features and a lot more. Get your copy today.